Best Tea For Colds And Congestion Problem

Which is the best tea for colds and congestion? Colds and flu are something that make us weak and without energy. One of the cold symptoms is congestion that is common among people.

In this article you will find out why you get congestion and how you can treat it. Your nose excretes mucus in larger amounts when you are ill. This is because you need to moisture the irritated mucous membrane.

This is the reason why you use so many tissues. Want to know why this is good for you? In the same time you are getting rid of infectious agents that are causing you troubles.  Nevertheless, you can increase the elimination of the infection in your body with some herbal teas.

Which Is The Best Tea For Colds And Congestion?

Know which herbal teas are effective with cold, flu and congestion. Help yourself naturally and without side-effects.

Eldenflower tea cleans your body

elderflower tea for coldElderflower tea is not ideal only for cleaning the body, but also to help decrease fever. It helps alleviate cough. It also helps to get over the flu and colds, and even pneumonia and asthma!

Elderflower tea is not good just as a curative of cold and its symptoms. It also strengthens the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, and enhances resistance to infection.

Hot elderflower tea can mitigate the hay fever, but it must be consumed in advance, a few months before we could have hay fever.

Mint Tea relieves the cold

mint teaWhich is the best tea for colds and congestion? Mint tea is one of them. It is excellent for this kind of health problem. It has a pleasant smell and taste, and beneficial effects on health.

Mint tea will refresh and cool you down, while reducing the sensation of pain. It relieves the cold, disinfects the mouth and upper respiratory tract, soothes irritated bowels, nausea, diarrhea and headaches.

As you see, mint is an excellent remedy for many problems. It eliminates respiratory problems and problems with sinuses. If you have bronchitis, mint tea will help you also.

Having migraines? Mix mint oil and lavender oil with an olive oil and you will get a perfect mixture for curing the migraines. Massage the mixture on the neck and forehead to relieve the pain.

Fennel tea desinfects

fennel teaFennel grows to two meters and is a very useful plant, especially for young children. Tea made from crushed and ground fennel seeds helps with bloat, cough and has a calming effect.

It promotes appetite, digestion, increase urine secretion and reduces convulsions. Fennel tea with honey releases mucus from coughing and alleviates flatulence. It is good to gargle for sore throat.

It promotes and regulates the stomach function and disinfects the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. Fennel tea is effective against bacteria which cause intestinal fermentation.

It is a successful antidote in iodine poisoning, stops vomiting and hiccups. Sweet fennel is a powerful antioxidant. It contains twice as much vitamin C as oranges, is a rich source of vitamin A and E, and beta carotene. It also contains fiber, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Echinacea tea kills bacteria

echinacea teaNumerous studies have shown that the enjoyment of Echinacea tea strengthens the immune function of white blood cells that fight infections or attacking viruses, and bacteria that get into the body.

Echinacea can actually increase the number of these cells, which work even more effectively. In a study, the experts found that the immune white blood cells killed the bacteria three times more effectively after four days of taking this herb.

The number of other chemical substances also increase, which are present in the blood, and are a part of the immune system. Scientists are still not entirely sure how Echinacea does this.

Why You have Stuffy Nose?

Stuffy nose is one of the common symptoms of cold or flu that torment us. You need to understand what is happening at this time, so you can help yourself. Mucus appears as from nowhere. The nose excretes the mucus each day, but it starts to produce more of it when you are ill.

At that time, mucous membrane is upset, so it takes more mucus to keep it moist. At the same time, its role is to capture infectious agents. You blow them into a tissue. Your body helps you to get rid of these agents with causing sneezing reflex. That is why it is very important that you put your hand in front of the nose when you sneeze, or sneeze into a handkerchief.

Never push mucus deeper. It is a defence mechanism of the body to which you should help. Keep the mucus membranes moist.

Why You Should Drink a lot of Hot Fluids?

If your body is dehydrated, consequently the mucosa of the nose will be drained and your nose will be stuffed even more. For this reason, you need to drink enough fluids throughout the day. I recommend you to enjoy warm fluids in the form of teas and soups.

Prepare yourself a cup of hot herbal tea. Drinking tea has two benefits in your health condition. You can breathe over the steam so your nasal mucus will be moisturized.  Besides this, the nasal cavity is linked to oral and drinking hot teas will also facilitate its irritation.

This way nasal mucus will be thinner and will excrete easier. In addition, keep in mind that it is possible to consume some liquid from fruits and vegetables. Select those foods that contain particularly vitamin C, because they will shorten the duration of colds and flu and also its symptoms.

Arm Yourself with some Herbal Teas

You can prevent cold and flu with proper nutrition and lifestyle. But if you already have one of them, it is best to take time to recover. Herbal teas are the best natural solution for cold and congestion that will help you increasing the recover process.

With additional hydration you will stimulate your body to eliminate toxins and infections. It is crucial to obtain your nose moistured so you need to drink a lot of fluids. As I said, it is best to drink warm herbal teas that will accelerate the curative process.

Consume elderflower, linden, mint, fennel and Echinacea tea that are especially appropriate for treating the cold and its symptoms. With elderflower you can even prevent hay fever or reduce its effect, but you should drink it a few months before plants start to bloom.

Now you know which is the best tea for colds and congestion. You can choose one of the mentioned or more, it doesn’t matter. I hope I gave you enough information about the cold and congestion, and how to treat them with some powerful herbal teas.

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