What Kind Of Tea Is Good For Cold Or Flu?

Viral infections are common in the winter time. In this time we have more possibilities to catch a cold or flu. Maybe you wonder what kind of tea is good for cold or flu that can help you.

I will show you which herbal teas are the healthiest teas and excellent with mentioned health issues. Did you know that more than 200 viruses are responsible for causing a cold?

We get cold especially in winter, when we hang out with patients. I am sure you know classic symptoms of the common cold, especially sore throat, sneezing, coughing, nasal congestion, fatigue, headache and fever. Sneezing and coughing are causing an infection to spread rapidly.

Read further to know herbal teas that will eliminate those symptoms. These teas have active ingredients that will help you to recover naturally.

What kind of Tea is Good for Cold?

what kind of tea is good for coldLinden tea lowers fever when you have cold and flu. It alleviates the headache caused by stress, calms the mind, enhances sleep and reduces nervous tension.

Prepare yourself a linden tea after old folk tradition. Put two teaspoons of dried linden flowers and lemon balm flowers in a cup and pour boiling water over it. Cover the cup and allow it to stand for 5 to 10 minutes to extract the valuable substances. Drain the tea.

Add two tablespoons of honey. Put your legs in an appropriately sized container with warm water and drink tea by sips. You will have a good sweat for sure.

When water gets colder wipe your feet, take off your sweaty clothes and go to bed. Bedroom should be well-ventilated and air must have appropriate humidity. This way you can dispel the fiver for some time.

Warning: Don’t drink too much of linden tea because it can cause you heart problems, 2-3 cups a day should be fine.

Thyme Tea for Easier Expectoration

thyme tea for coldUse dry leaves of thyme to make thyme tea that will help you facilitate expectoration. It has a beneficial effect on the bronchi and kills bacteria in the airways.

If the disease is severe; use thyme tea with gargling sage infusion. Use both herbs and prepare a bath for evening relaxation and facilitating sleep. It will ease dry and irritating cough.

Germans approved thyme as a medicine for cough, upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis and whooping cough. The leaves of this plant contain a stack of compounds which can facilitate cough and related problems.

Put two teaspoons of dry thyme in a bowl of boiling water and let it stand for 10 minutes. You can add honey and lemon in the tea and thus make sure that the tea has even more beneficial effect on your throat.

Breathe the Mint

mint inhalation for curing coldOrdinary black mint has a beneficial effect on the airways that soothes due to its intense aroma. Mint tea is another one of those that can be added to the list of fighters against colds. Mint can also be used for inhalation.

For inhalation you will need to pour a liter of hot water in a larger container. Put a fist of dry mint leaves into the water and leave it for a few minutes. Lean your head over a pot, cover with a towel and inhale for about 10 minutes.

Fight the Cold and Flu with Ginger Tea

Ginger is used to protect against respiratory infections in natural medicine. It is the herb that has heating and soothing effect on cough, colds, flu and other respiratory problems.

Many folk medicine healers recommend chewing fresh ginger root, drink ginger tea or juice ingestion of ginger root along with a teaspoon of honey. It will relieve pain and tightness in the chest caused by flu and cold.

ginger tea for coldDrink hot ginger tea when you have first signs of a cold or flu. It sooths cough, opens nasal congestion and stimulate the liver to remove toxic substances from the bloodstream. Ginger tea will help you to sweat and therefore beat the cold.

It is a good disinfectant that facilitates expectoration. Therefore it is recommended for the treatment of bronchial catarrh. It is also known for reducing the body temperature. Ginger is an antiseptic (destroying microorganisms) and disinfectant that lowers fiver so drink it when you have a cold or flu.

Put grate ginger to the container and heat up the water. Cover the container and cook on the low heat for 10 minutes. Remove the container from the heat and wait for a few minutes for tea to cool down a little bit.

Add honey to the tea and stir until it melts. Then add the lemon juice and serve in a cup.

Elderflower Tea

elderflower tea for cold

Tea from elder and chamomile flowers will help you to put down the fiver. These two are a very good cure for all minor viral illnesses.

Studies have shown that elderflower tea is also great with curing the flu. Israeli study was made at the University Hadassah which included patients with flu who treated the disease with elderflower tea.

They found that 90 percent of these people reported a noticeable improvement after three days. 20 percent of people noticed positive effects after one day of drinking elderflower tea.

Use elderflower tea to facilitate sweating in the febrile illness. The active substances of the flowers are very effective promoter of defensive mechanisms in the body.

Drink this tea also as preventive against colds and flu. Elderflowers form an integral part of many tea blends for colds. This herbal tea will also clean the blood and help with impure skin and body odor.

Use two teaspoons of dry elderflower and pour 250 milliliters of boiling water over the herb. Wait about 10 minutes and drain. You can sweeten it if you wish. Drink it when it is still warm.

Drink Rosehip Tea and Load with Vitamin C

rosehip tea for coldRosehip is known as a versatile medical plant without special side effects. There are different rosehip preparations which recover from various infections such as colds and flu due to the high content of vitamin C in fruits.

With rosehip tea you will boost your immune system. Recent research has shown that rosehip tea may even help with inflammation of the joints, since it relieves the pain and improves mobility.

Use a tablespoon of dried and milled rosehip and put it in the container. Add 2 dl of cold water in the container and boil it for 10 minutes. Strain the tea and pour into cups.

Drink Herbal Teas and Get Better

Hydration is the most vital for curing diseases like cold and flu so you should drink a lot of fluids in that time. Herbal teas are the most appropriate because of active substances that affect directly on the symptoms of the disease. It is no secret what kind of tea is good for cold. Some of teas have a lot of vitamin C that will help boosting your immune system. Vitamin C is crucial but also mineral zinc.

Get rid of toxins and lower fiver with chamomile and linden tea. Drink ginger tea that will kill harmful microorganisms in your body. Inhale mint tea and your breathing will be easier. Use my suggestions and don’t hesitate to make yourself different types of herbal teas for your faster recuperation.

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