Herbal Tea For Skin Problems And Young Looking Skin

herbal tea for skin problems

This time we will talk about herbal tea for skin problems that will purify the body and the skin. Every person had skin problems and I am sure you had it to. Skin problems, such as pimples, acne, warts and even dandruff, can be a reflection of imbalances in the body, but don’t worry; I have the right solution for you.

Skin is our biggest cleaning organ and you should take care of it. As garbage is accumulating in our houses, a lot of metabolic waste is being produced in our cells. And just like regular cleaning of the waste from the house creates a good atmosphere, our cells also feel good if they can get rid of the toxins in time.

I am presenting you herbal teas that have no caffeine and are appropriate to drink during the day for cleansing the body and skin.

Herbal Tea for Skin Problems

You already know that you should drink a lot of fluids per day for a normal body functioning. It is known that the body needs at least two liters of fluid per day, but many people make mistakes here. These two liters of liquids are meant water, natural juices or unsweetened teas.

Sweet beverages don’t have a good effect on your body. These sugary drinks won’t quench your thirst, and you are also entering large amounts of sugar into your body, which contributes to obesity and potentially in the onset of diabetes. Skin also doesn’t like too much sugar. And which herbal teas are appropriate for a clean and healthy skin?

Birch Tea

birch teaThe main ingredients in the birch leaves and bark juice are flavonoids, essential oils, tannins and vitamin C. Birch juice also contains sugars, salts and proteins, and a lot of betulins. Due to diuretic properties a birch tea is recommended for your body detox (remember, your skin is a big part of cleansing process).

Birch tea is recommended for slow blood circulation, pimples or dull skin. It is ideal if you use young fresh or dried birch leaves. To prepare the tea use 12 fresh leaves (or 1 teaspoon of dried leaves) and drain them for 8 minutes in 225 ml of boiling water. You can add honey for a better flavor. Enjoy this pleasant herbal tea with a taste of wood three times a day.

Linden Tea

linden teaLinden is one of the most famous and popular herbs for making tea. It is good because it helps to eliminate spots and wrinkles on the skin. In addition, it should also promote hair growth and acts as a mild sleeping agent.

Linden flowers effects are due to essential oils with farnesol as the main active ingredient, mucus, wax, flavonoids, tannins, sugar and vitamins. It is a great skin purifier as it promotes sweat and acts as a diuretic.

The taste is somewhat similar to chamomile. It has sweet, aromatic and apple-like. Soak 2 teaspoons of fresh flowers (or 1 teaspoon of dried) in 225 ml of boiling water for a maximum of 10 minutes. Honey can be added, if you love the sweet taste of your tea.

Rose Hip Tea

rose hip teaRose hip fruits contain high concentrations of vitamins A, B, E, K, P and especially C. People say that a cup of rose hip fruits contains as much vitamin C as 150 oranges. Quite impressing, right?

This red color tea is a wonderful way to keep your body reserves full (antioxidants help to protect your skin against the danger of free radicals caused by smoke, contamination and sun damage).

Use 1 teaspoon of rose hips in 225 ml of boiling water. Leave it for about 5 minutes and add a little honey (this tea is also good against the cold). Did you know that vitamin C is also important for the formation of collagen in the skin? Collagen is responsible for tight and young looking skin, so don’t hesitate and make yourself a fresh rose hip tea.

Cannabis Tea

cannabis teaCannabis is a plant that is making its path to the world of alternative medicine. It contains a lot of magnesium and iron, which is why it is a source of good nutrients. Our body needs these nutrients for a proper functioning. This tea has a very good and positive effect on the immune system.

A tea from cannabis also helps with digestive disorders, and has beneficial effects on the digestive tract. If you suffer from any inflammation or other illness, this tea will naturally relieve the pain and act anti-inflammatory.

It is also recommended to use it when you have kidney problems. It is also a very good antioxidant agent as it protects the body against bacteria and inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

Nettle Tea

nettle teaNettle tea contains more beta carotene and vitamin C than most cultivated vegetables and doesn’t lack any other vitamins, just like no different carotenoids, flavonoids, organic acids, phytosterols, lectins, and other bioactive substances, among which the role of chlorophyll should not be ignored.

Nettles are natural blood purifier, so they are also good for a clean skin. Take a teaspoon of dried nettle leaves or a teaspoon of ground dried nettle roots and put them in a cup (2 to 2.5 deciliters) of boiling water. Leave the tea to stand for five to ten minutes and strain it.

Drink it three times a day and you should see good results on your skin. The invigorating, strengthening and healing power of the nettle can be strengthened with a little honey, but only after a tea isn’t hot any more.

More than just colored Water

As you already know, your body needs fluids to function right. If you have skin problems, it is even more vital that you drink a lot of fluids to make your cleaning organs as the skin, kidneys and liver an easier job.

Why is herbal tea for skin problems so recommendable anyway? Your body loves clean water but herbal teas are much more than just colored water. Herbal teas have various active substances that help people to cope with different types of diseases and health conditions. Antioxidants in teas protect us from free radicals that can harm our body and skin.

Herbal teas that are rich in vitamin C will make your skin elastic and will enable a normal collagen production in your skin. As I said before, collagen is crucial for a young and toned skin. Body toxins are responsible for many health issues (also skin problems), so we need to protect our body and detoxify. Herbal teas have the ability to clean our body from inside out. In addition, some herbal teas are known as mild diuretics and can help us with problematic skin even more, as they increase urine secretion.

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