Green Tea For Upset Stomach – Calm Yourself

Green tea for upset stomach

Green tea for upset stomach is one of the best teas for stomach problems that occur in people these days. The stomach detects everything that is happening to us in our emotions.

If you suffer from bloated stomach and stomach pain, you are not alone. More and more people are confronted with stomach ache and digestive problems. Daily stress, which is associated with acid and gastric bacteria cause pain. More than 40% of people suffer from an illness that is caused by stress. As many as 75-90% of all visits to the doctor are associated with stress.

Green Tea for Upset Stomach

green teaGreen tea is known as a powerful antioxidant, which protects against cancerous diseases and has the inhibitory power even after the onset of such diseases. It stimulates the digestion and doesn’t cause constipation like black tea can, nor does irritate the gastrointestinal tract as coffee.

It reduces cholesterol levels in the blood, prevents the oxidation of cholesterol LDL and generally protects the heart and circulatory system. It affects anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and as a general disinfectant. Drinking green tea stimulates detoxification processes in the body.

In addition, with its help, you can lose weight, because it improves metabolism of body fat and reduces appetite by appropriate and regular movement and nutrition. In addition, you realize that green tea is an expressive psychoactive drink with a pleasant mild effect.

It contains caffeine for which it stimulates and, with the help of other ingredients, relaxes at the same time, which is not so typical of black tea or coffee. Polyphenols of green tea, which are shown with health-protecting effects, also affect the absorption of caffeine in the body, which is slower and more even than the caffeine of black tea and coffee.

It fights against free radicals that cause heart attack. Therefore it reduces the possibility of cancer, tumors, mutations and so on. It relieves sunburn, reduces blood pressure, alleviates the abundance of stomach acid, protects against the formation of kidney stones, restores strength after physical activity, maintains youthfulness skin, raises concentration and calms the spirit.

Green tea is a wonderful remedy for upset stomach as it has a calming effect (due to L-theanine). It is the most appropriate when you are under stress.

What is L-theanine?

It is an amino acid that is primarily found in leaves of black and green tea. The effect of this nootropic can be described as “accumulated calmness”, given that it also has calming effects and the ability to promote concentration.

What are the key benefits of this amino acid?

  • It helps to physically and psychically relax
  • Reduces the level of stress
  • Improves sleep quality

sleeping troublesStress often affects our mental health and results in anxiety, anxiety, depression and upset stomach. L-theanine can be an alternative to antidepressants, which has no sedentary effect and does not cause addiction. This amino acid also improves mood, as it has the ability to release neurotransmitters (e.g. dopamine and serotonin) in the brain.

Many people also have difficulty sleeping. This is often the result of stress conditions, lack of physical activity, anxiety or depression. Sleeping pills are the savior for many people, and the only way they can fall asleep.

L-theanine is an effective and safe long-term alternative, which has a natural harmonizing effect. Not only does it help in relaxing and sleeping easier and faster but also improves the quality of sleep and reduces the appearance of nightmares. The study in Japan showed that L-theanine really improved the quality of sleep. People who took 200 mg of L-theanine daily noted that they slept longer than usual.

Make Green Tea

Prepare yourself a green tea. If you pour boiling water over the green tea, it will have a bitter taste. Never pour boiling water over your green tea leaves or a tea bag, but allow the water to cool to 60 ° C.

If you want an invigorating effect, let it stand for 2-3 minutes, but if you want calming effect, leave the tea in the hot water for a longer time. The so-prepared tea has a light green color, is mild and dull, and has a distinctive odor. It is therefore an exceptional refreshing drink that cleans the body of waste materials, increases concentration and has many beneficial effects on the body, which is why it is highly recommended.

Possible Side Effects

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages due to its aroma, invigorating activity and healing effects. In particular, it is at the center of interest due to the results of scientific research. Epidemiological studies show a high decrease in the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer in people who regularly consume large amounts of this tea.

sensitive stomachDrinking this tea can rarely cause side effects, especially for people with a sensitive stomach. Frequent drinking of large quantities of tea may result in increased gastric acid secretion, irritable stomach, decreased appetite, constipation or diarrhea.

These side effects can be avoided if you drink tea with the milk. Milk reduces the effect of tannins and chlorogenic acid, which are the main cause of these side effects. Pregnant women should avoid caffeine preparations or should not consume more than 300 mg per day (5 cups of green tea). Even breast-fed mothers should avoid drinking green tea, because babies can suffer from sleep disorders due to caffeine content.

Green Tea for Stomach

Now you know that green tea for upset stomach is good to have but only if you drink it moderately. The excessive amount of green tea can cause stomach problems as it contains tannins. So be careful not to drink too much of green tea per day (a few cups per day is enough), especially if you are caffeine sensitive.

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