Will Ginger Tea For Gastritis Help You?

Ginger Tea For Gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa, which may be acute or chronic. The cells that make up the innermost layer of the stomach are damaged in the mucous membrane and their restoration is interrupted. Acute inflammation occurs with irritation or damage.

Ginger is an excellent root that cures many health problems and diseases. It also prevents from getting ill and getting modern diseases as cancer. Can you use ginger tea for gastritis? In this article we will discuss about gastritis and how to use ginger tea to cure this type of inflammation.

Ginger Tea for Gastritis

gingerWe treat body inflammation with herbs that has anti-inflammatory effect. Ginger tea is a good home remedy for treating gastritis due to anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger has a long history of usage in alternative medicine. It has a very strong anti-inflammatory effect and very high level of antioxidants. This is why you should drink this tea as a help with gastritis.

Many studies show that ginger has anti-inflammatory activity. The ginger directly interferes with the inflammatory process and regulates vanilloid pain receptors. The ginger contains glutathione, the most important in the water-soluble antioxidant, which strengthens the immune system by stimulating the action of white blood cells. You can also drink ginger tea for headaches and having a cold or flu.

Regular use of ginger also reduces the perception of pain. The recommended dose is 1 to 2 teaspoons of ginger powder per day or 30 to 40 grams of fresh ginger per day.

Now let’s take a look on the recipe that you can make for treating inflammation. You will need:

  • 1 cup of peeled, finely chopped ginger
  • 2 cups of water
  • honey (optional)
  • juice of 1 lemon

Boil two cups of water in the container and add ginger. Reduce the fire and cook for 5 minutes. Remove the container from the fire and let the tea stand so it is cooled a little bit. Drink without honey or lemon.

What you can also put in your tea that will help you with gastritis? If you want to heal your gastric mucosa fast, add a pinch of turmeric in your tea. I will tell you why turmeric is one of the best spices you should consume due to inflammation in the next paragraph.

Use Turmeric!

Its taste is slightly spicy, slightly bitter, corrosive, like a kind of blend of ginger and orange. It contains manganese, iron, vitamin B6, a lot of fiber, and also potassium. It was initially used in traditional Indian as well as Chinese medicine primarily for anti-inflammatory drugs. Yellow orange color in turmeric is called curcumin that is turmeric’s main active ingredient.

Turmeric protects the liver against toxins and chemicals, is effective in the treatment of viral hepatitis. It also improves the secretion of gastric protective substances that protect the gastric wall.

The recommended daily amount of turmeric is one full teaspoon per day (about 4 grams), which should be divided into 3 parts and enjoyed during the day (morning, noon and evening). For prevention you will need to consume a half a gram to one gram of turmeric a day.

Eastern countries sell whole roots of turmeric. Grinding turmeric almost doesn’t lose its aroma so you can find it as a powder also. The powder has a burning taste. Turmeric gives curry glowing yellow color. You can use turmeric powder not only in tea but also in rice, mustard, desserts, butter, margarine, cheese, fish, poultry, meat, sharp and bright sauces, and omelets.

I use it in soups, potatoes dishes and rice. I also use turmeric in my healthy drink (water + cayenne pepper + turmeric + apple cider vinegar).

What You Should Eat?

Light diet is crucial. Replace very spicy and strongly baked meat or fried dishes with healthier foods. Smoking, icy carbonic acid drinks and high-alcoholic beverages (herbal liqueurs that also attack the gastric mucosa) are not advisable to drink. Eat slowly and take your time to chew food.

Yogurt is a good option to add in your nutrition, especially probiotic. Eat from two to three cups of yogurt a day, or replace a meal with a drink made from yoghurt, banana and honey. Flaxseeds are the next effective natural agent in the fight against gastritis. Put a tablespoon of flaxseeds in a glass of lukewarm water overnight, strain in the morning and drink. Take this beverage every morning on an empty stomach for at least a week.

Important Substances that help with Gastritis

Vitamin A restores damaged gastric mucous membranes so that hydrochloric acid can no longer harm it. In addition, it supports immune defense. Vitamin A can be found in spinach, pumpkin, cabbage and carrots.

vitamin CAscorbic acid (vitamin C) is one of the most important vitamins in the immune system and is therefore indispensable for preventing and treating mucosal inflammation.

Foods high in vitamin C are often very acidic, which can lead to problems, as the contents of the stomach and duodenum are also acidic. Therefore, it is preferable to use foods that contain ascorbic acid and neutralizing agents for ascorbic acid.

Vitamin B 12 supports the immune system to overcome the Helicobacter pylori, as it gives it a “magnifying glass” to make it easier to find an enemy. In addition, vitamin B 12 belongs to the most important natural materials for metabolism.

Support Your Immune System and Stomach

Inflammation of the gastric mucosa or gastritis is common symptom that occurs in people. There are different reasons for gastritis. It can occur due to psychological burden, stress, usage of medicines alcohol and more.

It is important that you find your reason for having gastritis and to prevent it. In the case of gastritis already present, you can use my tips to help yourself. Ginger tea for gastritis can help you here. If my tips don’t help, you should talk to your doctor who will help you to find the right reason for gastritis and appropriate treatment.

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