How do we contact you for help with our order or other questions?

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Do I need to register before I can make a purchase?

Most of our products are fulfilled through, once you choose desired product you will be re-directed to Amazon where you can make your final purchase.

How much caffeine is in the tea?

Caffeine content in tea varies with every cup. There are many factors that can affect the exact amount such as the region, weather conditions, and time of year the tea plant was harvested, as well as tea brewing methods such as water temperature and amount of time steeped.

How do I keep my tea fresh?

The most important rule for storing tea is to keep it away from any moisture and limit exposure to air and light. Exposure to air is the number one reason tea loses freshness.

How do you decaffeinate your tea?

A carbon dioxide process is used to decaffeinate the teas, a natural alternative to methylene chloride. This process is also the only decaffeination method approved for certified organic teas.

Is the tea from tea bags lower quality than loose leaf tea?

While loose leaf teas are a larger cut than tea bag cut teas, this does not mean that tea bag cut teas are of a lower quality. Care and handling in the cultivation and processing determines the quality of the teas, not the size of the leaf pieces themselves. Since tea bag cut teas have more smaller particles, and therefore more surface area than loose leaf teas, they typically brew faster and stronger than loose leaf.

How do you brew the best cup of tea?

Steeping your tea with care will result in optimal flavor and you’ll avoid any bitterness from over-steeping. Temperatures and steep time will vary per tea type and specific teas – see the chart below for our brewing guidelines.


Start with 8 oz. of fresh, filtered water per tea bag or per 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea.

WHITE TEA: heat water to 180° degrees and steep for 1-3 minutes

GREEN TEAS: heat water to 180-190° and steep for 2-4 minutes

OOLONG TEAS: heat water to 180-190° and steep for 3-5 minutes

BLACK TEAS: heat water to 210° and steep for 4-5 minutes

 heat water to 210° and steep for 5-10 minutes

WELLNESS TEAS: heat water to 210° and steep for 5-10 minutes.