Different Types Of Teas And Their Benefits

Different Types Of Teas

Want to know different types of teas and their benefits? Are you a tea lover? I am sure you are. Follow our tea guide, so you can prepare yourself a perfect cup of tea.

Nowadays we can enjoy a variety of teas but who discovered this amazing beverage? A few legends say how tea was discovered. All these legends come from Asia.

A legend from China says that Chinese emperor Cheng-Nung discovered tea accidently in 2374 B.C. He was sitting under a tree and preparing himself a hot water to drink. Some tea leaves dropped in his cup of hot water and tea was discovered.

Another legend comloose es from India. Indian legend says that an Indian monk Bodhidharma discovered tea when he went on a long meditation trip to China.

He was sleepy and briefly closed his eyes. At one moment he took a knife and cut off his eyelids. Tea tree grew on the land where his eyelids fell. Buddhist monks drink tea so that they could be awake during their long meditation.

green tea

Real teas are the most popular among people. Asia is their native land where people produce the best real teas on the world.

Green, black, pu-erh, oolong and white tea are real teas that have something in common. They all come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis.

Real teas are known as a drink of youth in Asia, people drink it daily and also on special occasions. These types of tea contain caffeine and have important antioxidants that protect us from diseases.

herbal teaWe also know herbal and fruit teas, which come in variety of tastes and flavors. We use herbal teas especially for treating diseases and health conditions.

Herbs have active substances that help us heal the cause of disease. It is best to drink them without sugar and other additives. You will find herbal teas for treating diseases on our site.fruit tea

Fruit teas are a drink that is popular among all people, children and elderly. Fruity flavor gives us energy and lift our spirit. Tea manufacturers produce all kind of fruit teas, from strawberry tea, pineapple tea to blueberry tea.

These are great to drink hot and cold. Having a cold? Drink these teas because they have a lot of vitamin C that will improve your imunne system.

We shouldn’t forget on Christmas and winter tea that reminds us on happy Christmas time. You can prepare tea with different methods. Some teas are better as infusion and other as boiled.

We know a tea that helps us with getting rid of extra weight or on a diet. These skinny teas include plants that have good effect on fat cells and metabolism.

Twinings decaf teaSome people are sensitive to caffeine and must watch how many real tea they consume. Are you one of them? Did you know that you can have a decaf tea or caffeine-free tea?

You can also prepare yourself a real tea with a method that will decrease caffeine amount in your tea. This is especially recommended for people who are caffeine sensitive and for those who have troubles sleeping.

Now it is time that I present each type of tea that you can find in our site in details. Each of these teas is presented in an article so you can get to know it better.

Green Tea

Green tea is known as a youth drink in Asia. Okinawa people drink it regularly every day. Green tea is a popular tea that comes from Camellia sinensis plant. It is a real tea so it means it has a lot of antioxidants that are fighting free radicals and aging.

Polyphenol compound called epigallocatechin galatte (EGCG) is the most important antioxidant in this type of tea. It contains caffeine so it is great for drinking it in the morning to wake you up. You can freely drink it instead of morning coffee.

It has typical yellow-green color. Do you want to lose weight and be fit?  Green tea can help you; it should increase fat burning to 17%. It will protect you from diseases like lung, intestinal and liver cancer. Your skin will look better when drinking green tea.

Herbal Tea

Aztecs, Mayans and Indians already knew how herbs can be efficient with different diseases and health problems. This type of tea is one of the most important because it is used as a natural remedy. Herbal teas don’t belong to real teas because they are not made from camellia sinensis plant.

lavender for teaThere are many herbs from which you can make herbal teas. Chamomile, lemon balm, peppermint, ginger, hibiscus, rooibos, lavender are just one of the most drinkable herbal teas.

Each herb has active substances that affect our body and organs. They could help you to solve health issues but you should be careful not to overdose with it.

Some herbal teas can work in contrast to medicines you are taking, so consult with your doctor about it. There is a difference between herbal teas and medicinal teas. With proper knowledge you can cure or alleviate the disease on natural way.

You should know that treatment with herbal teas takes longer than with medicines your doctor prescribes. Herbal teas can be a great helper to us. They can calm us after a stressful day, prepare us for sleep, clean our body from toxins, relive the pain and also lift our spirit.

Fruit Tea

Did you know that fruit teas are a trendy drink of the 90s that evolved from the herbal teas? Fruit tea is very popular among different types of teas that people love to drink.

In the past, fruit tea was made of rose hips and hibiscus. People prepared one or another herbal tea and added dry fruit in the tea, especially apples, orange and lemon zest, elderberries and blueberries. It became popular after Second World War, when there was a frequent lack of coffee and tea.

You can chose among one type of fruit tea or a tea blend. With virtually endless possibilities of fruit mixing, we have a wide range of flavors, from fruity-floral to sweet-spicy.

The best thing in fruit teas is the fact that you can’t overdose with them. Fruit teas have no caffeine and no active substances as herbal teas, so you can enjoy them freely.

This type of tea has a lot of vitamins and minerals. It is good to drink hot or cold, at winter or at summer time. Cold fruit teas (ice tea) are excellent as summer refreshment. Add some lemon or lime in the tea and you will get the best ice tea ever.

Peppermint Tea

This is the type of tea that is very popular among people. It is the tea that will inspire and calm you down at the same time. You can drink it whenever you want because it doesn’t contain caffeine.

Peppermint is a natural hybrid of two spices of mint. It is the second most used medicinal herb besides chamomile. People love the fresh smell of peppermint tea and suiting flavor.

You can drink peppermint tea as your afternoon pause and also take care of your health. It is effective for stomach, intestinal and menstrual problems.

It affects on secretion of bile, urine and gastric juices. Peppermint tea is also wonderful for treating colds and with flu. You can prepare a peppermint inhalation when you have troubles breathing because of the cold or if your head hurts.

It is best known for its calming effect on the nerves. You can drink peppermint tea after a hard day, when you feel anxiety, and before bedtime. It is proven that tis tea relieves the headache and prevents insomnia.

Rose Tea

Different types of teaRose tea is not just a flower tea but it also has many benefits for you. It smells wonderful and it has a relaxing effect.

The most famous herbal French rose is a rose hip Rosa Gallica “Officinalis”.

Rose tea has astringent effect and therefore stops bleeding, helps to tighten skin and empties the gallbladder.

It contains a high amount of potassium, which helps to balance pH of the blood. It also reduces acidity that is responsible for microbe development.

If you have problems with yeast on feet; you can prepare yourself a rose tea bath. It will calm you down and work as an antidepressant. Having women problems? Rose tea can help here too.

It helps alleviate menstruation issue, feverish waves and helps with postpartum depression. These are just some of the health benefits of rose tea.

Rose is just amazing. Scientists found that rose tea can also prevent cancer. Air-dried rose petals contain phenols, anthocyanins and ting acid that are effective for preventing or treating cancer.

Lavender Tea

Lavender tea is one of the different types of teas which smells wonderful and has a relaxing effect on us. The ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Arabs, Syrians and Romans used her in their home. Syrians started to grow lavender first, and then it spread to Greece and further to Western Europe.

Lavender tea is a mild sedative against anxiety, nervous exhaustion and sleep disorder. In addition, it treats digestive disorders of nervous origin.

Drinking lavender tea will also help you with stimulating appetite, digestion, extracting bile, relieving stomach cramps and tension, and repelling wind.

Lavender tea is one of those who are recommended before sleep. Scientists proved that lavender tea brings calmness and relaxes the nervous system. If you have sleeping problems or insomnia; try lavender tea just before going to bed.

Loose Leaf Tea

Which type of tea do you drink? Do you use tea bags or are you a loose leaf tea lover? In both ways you are drinking tea but loose leaf tea has more quality than tea bags.

Some tea manufacturers pack loose leaf tea in packages and pack the tea dust that remains in tea bags. Loose leaf doesn’t contain stems and seeds. In general, loose leaf tea has more aromas and tastes better than tea bags.

loose leaf teaThis type of tea is more expensive than tea bags but can be used several times.

The tea leaves can be used two-three times. There is one rule that tea lovers know well.

The higher is the quality of the tea, the colder should be the water temperature. You should pour water over loose leaf tea that hasn’t reached 80° degrees.

There are a few rules that you should consider with loose leaf tea. Your tea shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight and oxygen. Store it in the impermeable container and use it in one year. Don’t expose your tea to the heat and be aware that it can absorb odors from other food.

Detox Tea

Detox teas are those that help remove toxins from your body. Drinking detox teas is recommendable after holiday fasts, on the diet or when you want to detoxify the body.

These types of teas are diuretics that contain herbs to facilitate digestion, and help gastric juices to digest food. They don’t have any sugar or carbohydrates.

They have the ability to stimulate the activity of the central nervous system and respiratory system. It will also strengthen the mental and physical strength.

Having troubles with the lack of energy and fatigue? Try detox teas and avoid fast food, and you will see if your condition changed. Detox teas have one more important feature. It will detoxify your body and protect you from diseases.

Did you know that in general detox teas are made from black and green tea? These two are rich in antioxidants that protect us from free radicals and aging.

Black or green tea is basic for detox tea that also contains detoxification herbs. These herbs are lemongrass, nettle, ginger, dandelion and so on. These plants have the ability to heal the liver which is our cleaning organ.

Skinny Tea

Skinny tea is one of those that are meant for detoxification, weight loss and diets. Skinny tea or slim tea will help you to lose some weight and obtain healthy body.

It contains spices and herbs that will boost your metabolism, affect your appetite and food cravings. It will also help to break down the fat cells.

A good sleep is also crucial for loosing extra weight and staying healthy. Skinny teas will help your body to relax for sleeping. You can choose among variety of slim teas that are on the market.

Green white, oolong, rooibos, nettle, mint, and hibiscus tea are one of the most popular slim teas which people drink. You can find more information about these types of teas on our site.

This tea will boost our metabolism, prevent fat cells from appear, help to burn calories and suppress the appetite and is efficient against gaining weight. It regulates stress hormones, detoxes, and reduces the absorption of carbohydrates. Choose skinny tea if you want to be healthy and fit.

Sleepy Time Tea

A good night sleep is priceless but unfortunately a lot of people have sleeping problems or insomnia. This is because of our lifestyle and stress that is causing us anxiety.

Did you know that some teas can help you relax and sleep? Nature also has the answer of this problem. Some herbs have the ability to relax – valerian, hops, lavender, lemon balm, passion fruit, St. John’s wort and others.

Tea from these herbs has active substances that are proven to improve your sleeping habits. Valerian is a well-known sedative and relieves insomnia. Hops have sedative and hypnotic effects that can help you sleep.

We talked about lavender tea earlier, it is wonderful before bedtime. South Americans knew the power of passion fruit that has a calming effect and treats nervousness, anxiety and restlessness. Hypericin, pseudohypericin, hyperifine and flavonoids in St. John’s Wort coordinates the central and nervous system.

These teas can mitigate stress and prepare you for a good night sleep. Before you go to the doctor, you should try with sleepy teas which are natural and proven to improve sleep.

Hibiscus Tea

Who doesn’t know hibiscus tea? Hibiscus flowers are amazing and have a wonderful smell. Tea from hibiscus has a strong red color and rich, a little sour taste.

This is the tea that has a pallet of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is great as a daily drink at winters and summers. It will protect you from colds and flu at winter time because of numerous heath substances.

Hibiscus sabdariffa is the most common sort of hibiscus which is used for tea. Do you wonder who produces the most of hibiscus tea? China and Thailand are the strongest global producers and exporters of hibiscus tea.

Mexico, Egypt, Mali, Jamaica, Tanzania, India and Malaysia also produce a lot of hibiscus tea for sale. However, most of hibiscus tea is consumed locally.

Medical Faculty of Taiwan found that this tea can reduce the cholesterol triglycerides in the body. It is also beneficial for balancing blood pressure. This natural remedy will help you with colds, flu and heat. Are you a woman with menopause issues? Try hibiscus tea for relieving the heat cramps.

Decaf Tea

We know different types of teas and decaf tea fits in a special group of teas. You love real teas but you are sensitive on caffeine? Decaf teas may be a good solution for you.

Decaf tea is a decaffeinated tea. This means that it still contain caffeine so don’t think it is a caffeine-free tea. This tea has a little amount of caffeine.

There are four methods for decaffeination. Methylene chloride is one of the methods. In this process, caffeine molecules bond to methylene chloride molecules. Caffeine is removed by soaking the tea leaves in methylene chloride or water.

The second method is with carbon dioxide. Tea manufacturers make decaf tea also with ethyl acetate and water.

Did you know that you can make a decaf tea at your home? Yes, it can be made by soaking tea leaves in hot water. You can repeat this process to remove caffeine even more. Use this method when you want to drink decaf real tea. Soak green, black, white, pu-erh and oolong tea on this way.

Matcha Tea

Nishio and Udji are Japanese provinces where matcha tea is home. Japanese drink it at special occasions. It is a special type of green tea where green tea leaves are grounded in powder.

It is getting popular among people. This tea has a specific nutty taste and a slightly bitter note. People produce little amount of matcha tea and its production is quite demanding. This is why matcha tea is more expensive than other teas.

It contains a lot of vitamin C and has 5 times more caffeine than coffee. If you drink on cup of matcha tea you will get daily dose of potassium, vitamin A and C, iron, and calcium. Drinking matcha will improve your immune system. It also contains catechins which have antibiotic properties.

matcha teaScientists proven that Matcha is capable of lowering the cholesterol and preventing from cardiovascular diseases. Matcha tea is powerful because it helps preventing HIV to attack human T- cells.

This is not all of Matcha benefits. Do you want to detoxify your body? Try Matcha, it contains a lot of chlorophyll which will remove heavy metals and toxins from the body. It is a great tea to have.

Christmas Tea

Christmas tea reminds us on Christmas and all that is connected with it. Christmas tea is made from spices that are typical for winter time. Cinnamon and cloves are just one of these spices.

But why does Christmas tea include spices? They remind us on Christmas but they have more important role during holidays.

What you think of when I say Christmas? Our tables are full of various delicious foods that unfortunately burden our digestive system. Spices in this tea are also meant for helping our digestive system to work during holidays. Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg and star anise are usual spices in this type of tea.

Cinnamon will warm you up; cloves relieve the pain while diuretic cardamom will promote digestion and kidney function. Myristicin essential oil in nutmeg helps stimulate digestion and is good against nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Star anise will improve your blood flow. Having Christmas tea on the table has a double benefit for you during holidays.

Cinnamon Tea

Do you love cinnamon? Now you can drink it too. Cinnamon tea will warm you and protect you from diseases. It contains fiber, manganese, iron and calcium. This tea could also help with losing weight.

There are two types of cinnamon that you should know about. We have real cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon. This tea contains a lot of substances which improve the ability of cells for the consumption of glucose.

It is an antiseptic and has sedative properties. Due to its warming effect, it is recommendable to drink cinnamon tea if you have cold feet and hands. Diabetics should also benefit from cinnamon.

It has many health benefits – helps with mild fatigue, inflammation, spams, menstrual pain, rheumatism and arthritis. These are just a few benefits that you should know about.

It is good to drink cinnamon tea with honey on an empty stomach in the morning. Make it a habit and you should see results in weight loss. It will happen due to prevention of accumulating fat.

Variety of Different Types of Teas

different types of teaAs you see you have a choice to pick a tea for different purposes. We are lucky that Mother Nature has so many herbs and plants from which we can prepare delicious teas for whole family.

Children enjoy drinking fruit teas meanwhile elderly like to prepare an herbal tea that will alleviate their health issues.

We can distinguish between real teas and other teas. Real teas come from the same plant which name is Camellia sinensis. This plant contains caffeine. Some people are sensitive to caffeine so they should be aware of what teas they are drinking. Real teas are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that protects from diseases and aging.

Herbal, fruit and spice teas can be used for enjoyment and also for treating diseases and health conditions. Before you start treating yourself with specific tea, you should read and learn about the plant that you are going to consume on regular basis. Tea Pause will help you on this. Reveal magical world of aromas and flavors with us!

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