Do You Know Black Tea Benefits For Weight Loss?

black tea benefits for weight loss

Black tea has a long tradition and a long list of medicinal properties. Thanks to its qualities, it is by far the most popular and best-selling tea in the western world countries, although green tea is more intensively propagated in the sphere of herbal medicine.

Many people want to lose weight. Can black tea help them to achieve their goal? What are black tea benefits for weight loss? This tea is a real tea with compounds that can affect thermogenesis and calorie consumption. Learn how black tea can help you to lose a few pounds.

Black Tea Benefits for Weight Loss

black teaBlack tea should help with weight loss in the way to increase calorie consumption by drinking it, that polyphenols should have the ability to increase thermogenesis or release heat from the body by influencing the enzymes in the metabolism process.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get hot after a cup of tea, but that polyphenols increase calorie consumption during the day, doing different activities from digesting food to walking on the stairs and typing.

Other ingredients in food and beverages such as caffeine can increase calorie burn, but the effect of polyphenols is stronger. But know that this effect isn’t so strong that you could lose a few pounds during the night. Let’s say a word or two more about caffeine. Caffeine accelerates our metabolism and thus has a positive effect on the fat degradation in the body.

Caffeine also affects our appetite. It limits it for a while, making it easier to avoid an unhealthy diet. It also has a positive effect on the process of thermogenesis, which means that it facilitates the struggle with excess pounds.

Drinking black tea has been proven to contribute to weight loss, as it slows down the absorption of carbohydrates, thereby preventing a rapid rise in blood sugar levels.

What is Thermogenesis?

All the calories we eat are not always calories that are used or stored as a source of energy. The body takes some food for digestion. Lighter the meal is, less energy is needed for digestion and vice versa.

Food digestion always results in a certain thermogenic effect. If the body needs more energy to digest the meal, more heat is released, and more calories are burnt for digestion. In this case fewer calories remain available as a source of energy. This process is called thermogenesis.

Interestingly, the lower the proportion of fat in your body is, the greater the thermogenic effect can be caused by a smart choice of food. And vice versa, more fat than you have, you will achieve a lower thermogenic effect with food.

This is good news, because it means that the more you are in shape, the more you will be able to eat without getting fat.

Other Benefits of drinking Black Tea

  • Black tea is enriched with theaflavins, thearubigins and catechins. These are antioxidants which can help protect you against certain types of cancer
  • Black tea will invigorate you since it contains caffeine
  • It has polyphenols that help protect cells and DNA from damage
  • Some studies have shown that antioxidants in black tea are beneficial for heart health and can reduce the risk of heart attack and vessel clogging
  • Regularly drinking black tea can help reduce cholesterol levels
  • Amino acid L-theanine helps to relax and can increase concentration
  • It contains a specific antigen that helps to build resistance
  • Black tea contains fluoride, so it can help protect teeth and bones

Throughout the world research on the medicinal properties of black tea is constantly being conducted based on the results of which the beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system is emphasized in the first place. Regular black tea drinking prevents the blockage of arteries leading to heart and brain infarction.

blood vesselsAt the Boston University School of Medicine a one-hour study was conducted involving two groups of heart patients. One was drinking only water during this period, and the second drink four cups of black tea daily.

After a month there was the improvement of 50% in the condition of weakened blood vessels in a group of subjects who drank black tea, which significantly reduced the risk factor of possible heart attack or stroke.

Black tea directly affects the heart, brain and respiratory function. The power of this tea increases with a higher degree of caffeine because it is the most important substance that irritates these vital centers.

Caffeine in black tea irritates the bark of the big brain, which helps us to better understand things and quickly connect our thoughts. This automatically makes us perform all intellectual actions with less effort. You can learn easier, remember, communicate etc.

Well, this delectable eastern beverage that has long since moved to the West can really be of great benefit to our health. Tea manufacturers are engaged in the production of black tea with the addition of different and incredible flavors, including chocolate. For the true tea lovers, a quality black tea is a real pleasure that don’t need any additives at all.

Cancer Protection

healthy femaleThe beneficial effects of green tea have long been known. Antioxidants in green tea protect from numerous forms of cancer. The latest British study, published in Cancer Causes and Control, proves that black tea has a similar effect. This is considered the most popular type of tea in the UK.

Scientists conclude that a cup of black tea per day reduces the likelihood of ovarian cancer by 10 %, drinking two to three cups by 12%, and four or more by 13 %. The same amount of green tea reduces the ovarian cancer up to 20%.

Ovarian cancer is known as a silent killer, as its symptoms are most often shown when it is already in the advanced stage. The main risk factors are family history, diagnosed breast cancer and early menstruation. Women who have too many kilograms or who are using alternative hormonal therapy are also at greater risk.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Now you know which are black tea benefits for weight loss. Black tea has the power to help you on your weight loss journey but you should know that a healthy lifestyle is the right way to achieve permanent results. This tea will increase the thermogenesis process so you will be more motivated to lose extra pounds.

Find your favorite exercise, eat healthy and learn to prepare healthy and delicious meals, and don’t forget to enjoy life!

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