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best teas for high blood pressure

Do best teas for high blood pressure exist? Which are they and why are these teas so effective for lowering blood pressure? Everyone has already had high blood pressure or hypertension. According to approximate estimates, the number of people with high blood pressure is close to 100 million, and at least a third does not even know that it has it permanently. It is precisely in these cases that the risk of cardiovascular disease is greatest.

Blood pressure is the force by which the blood presses on the veins walls as it flows through them. With increased body strain, or when a person is in stress, it is normal for a blood pressure to rise. However, when the pressure is increased for no particular reason, this is a sign that a person has hypertension. Let’s see which teas can help to normalize high blood pressure.

Best Teas for High Blood Pressure

I am giving you some teas that are proven to lower blood pressure. They are good to drink when you have mentioned problem but it is necessary to talk to your doctor about it. You don’t want to mess with dangerous hypertension.

Ginger Tea

ginger teaGinger has been used to relieve various health problems for centuries. Although ginger is known primarily as a natural cure for digestive problems and colds, ginger tea can also be effective in lowering blood pressure.

Research has shown that ginger acts as an inhibitor of calcium channels. It relieves blood vessels and reduces blood pressure. In addition, ginger prevents blood clotting, thus speeding up blood circulation. It is also very effective in preventing the accumulation of unhealthy cholesterol in the arteries.

Accumulation of cholesterol can lead to the expansion of veins or to atherosclerosis. Thus, in many ways, the ginger contributes to lowering blood pressure. If you are struggling with hypertension, ginger is a spice that must definitely not be lacking in your diet. This is a tea that you can drink daily and you should’t worry about the overdose.

Hibiscus Tea

hibiscus teaOne of the main advantages of the hibiscus tea is the high content of antioxidants. A study made by scientists at the Medical Faculty in Taiwan has found that antioxidants can reduce the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body and regulate blood pressure as they reduce stress.

Tea from hibiscus flowers has exotic taste and smell, while it lowers high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol levels and strengthens the immune system, as it is rich in vitamin C. The study made by Tufts University proved that drinking three cups of hibiscus tea a day lowers a systolic blood pressure for 7mmHg.

Hibiscus tea blocks the ACE enzyme that causes the blood vessels to close. It thus works in exactly the same way as some blood pressure medications, but more gently and without side effects.

Hawthorn Tea

hawthorn teaHawthorn has been used in human medicine for a long time to treat cardiovascular diseases. From the 17th century on, this plant was used to relieve angina pectoris and arrhythmias and regulate blood circulation.

This herb lowers blood pressure during physical exercise and strengthens the ability of the heart to pump blood. In addition, it is also a natural diuretic that drains excess water and salt from the body, which relieves the heart.

Many clinical studies have been carried out in Western Europe and the United States with a hawthorn extract. Scientists have been classified this plant as a rare medicinal plant, the effects of which have also been well documented through research in patients.

Hawthorn does not cause arrhythmias; there is no risk of side effects in overdose. It does not affect on the function of diuretics and the use of this plant is not problematic in the truncated kidney functioning also. In addition, the extract of the hawthorn has another important feature; it increases the ability of the heart muscle to survive for a long time without oxygen in the case of an infarct. Still, talk to your doctor about it if you take any medications for cardiovascular system.

Valerian Tea

valerian root teaValerian has been used by ancient Greek and Roman doctors. The plant served them for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, strengthening menstruation and for draining water. The calming effects of valerian were discovered in the 18th century. In the beginning, valerian was used only in the form of essential oil, but today it is used in a wide variety of forms – as a tea, tincture, and baths.

Tea or tincture soothes the nerves, excitement, neurological conditions in the stomach and intestines, heart nerves, fear and general tension. Because it relaxes, it is good to drink valerian tea for normalizing high blood pressure. It is one of the most important physiotherapists. It helps us to tolerate stress, anger, agitation and sadness. With his help, we calm down such feelings and prevent diseases that arise from such emotional states.

It is also important to note that it is not advisable to drink valerian tea regularly. It is recommended that you stop drinking this tea for some time after about 2 to 3 weeks of drinking it. Otherwise it is not necessary to be afraid of any side effects.

Treat Hypertension Naturally

It is important to treat hypertension with medicines that doctor proscribes. Let me warn you that you shouldn’t stop taking medications because you have a new and natural remedy for treating high blood pressure. No one should be treating hypertension only with teas. It is a dangerous condition that could cost you life, so please take my advice. Talk to your doctor about these teas and you will have sufficient information for a decision.

Mentioned teas are the best teas for high blood pressure and can help you to regulate your health condition. These teas are not meant as an only medicine to treat hypertension. Nevertheless you can implement them in your regular day after speaking with your doctor. Educate about your condition and take care of your precious health.

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