Best Tea For Constipation – Free Yourself Of Toxins

Best Tea For Constipation

We talk about constipation when the individual has problems with excretion of the human waste. Pain, cramps and tension in the abdomen are present here. Do you have such problems? Would you like to take care of this serious problem with the best tea for constipation?

Slow digestion and constipation are not something that should be neglected. People have different nutrition and lifestyle habits. If we live a healthy lifestyle, we shouldn’t have these kind of problems or rarely. But if you have them, it is likely that you are not living healthy enough. We also sit a lot in front of computers and it isn’t something that our digestion would benefit. So let’s take a look of herbal solutions that you can implement in your life to feel better and have your digestion in order.

Best Tea for Constipation

Sometimes constipation is not a sign of any serious disease, but is only the result of an unhealthy diet that contains too little fiber, lack of movement, too much sitting, stress, weakened abdominal muscles, and drinking insufficient amounts of water.

Alder Buckthorn Tea

Alder Buckthorn Tea
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The bark of the alder buckthorn is one of the most famous and used laxatives or laxatives of plant origin. The bark of an alder buckthorn can be used as a component of the laxative teas. It is important to know that anthraquinone glycosides which can be found in this plant shouldn’t be used for a long time because they can cause diarrhea and lazy digestion.

Therefore, you shouldn’t lose weight with the help of lactating teas. Laxative teas should be used for a maximum of ten days. Preparations from alder buckthorn promote the secretion of bile. The daily dose is 0.5 grams of dry crust. If your doctor ordered you to take the laxatives for a longer time, it is necessary to make breaks during the long-term treatment, which should last for several days.

Senna Tea

senna tea
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The senna herb is intended for short-term use in cases of occasional constipation, which can occur due to environment and diet changes, or prolonged inactivity. Use this herb when altered diet and increased amount of fiber doesn’t help. You can also use it before examinations and surgeries when the empty gut is required (talk to your doctor before using it).

The leaves of the senna contain anthracycline glycosides. They are converted into active substances that act as a laxative in the colon. They accelerate the colon movement, increase the amount of fluid in the colon, and thus stimulate the release of the human waste. The laxative effect occurs 8-12 hours after ingestion of this tea.

Yacon Tea

Yacon Tea
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Yacon is a plant that originates in Peru which has a taste that reminds us on caramel and honey. Yacon can be very successful in treating lazy digestion among other things. Yacon tea is an extremely effective natural laxative that you can use in constipation.

The yacon root contains a lot of inulin, a sugar that the human body breaks down very slowly. So it is excellent in the diet of all those who care about their normal body weight. Inulin promotes digestion and growth of good bacteria in the guts. You can also find a lot of antioxidants in yacon products.

What about Nutrition?

Flex seeds can be a great choice for constipation problems. They contain a lot of proteins, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. They are excellent for stimulating digestion, but also for your overall health. Flax seeds also contain mucus. The mucus helps the human waste to move faster through the colon. Always grind the seeds before you eat them, you can do this by using a coffee grinder. The other choice is to get grinded flex seeds (powder) which you can use in soups, juices and smoothies.

yogurtThere are a number of different reasons why berries are a great choice for healthy digestion. The various types of berries contain both soluble and insoluble fibers. The combination of both types of fiber is extremely important for a good digestion. In addition, they contain a lot of vitamin C, which helps the foods to move faster through the digestive system.

Food and beverages that contain many probiotics or good bacteria shouldn’t miss on the list of best natural laxatives. A list of these foods and beverages is very extensive, from sour cabbage to kefir and kambucha drink.

A healthy balance of bacteria in the intestine has an extremely important effect on your digestion; but probiotics also have a lot of other functions. They are crucial for a strong immune system, the basis for having a good digestion. So, if you are constrained by constipation, don’t wait too long, as your problems can quickly become very serious. Try effective natural laxatives as the best tea for constipation as soon as possible, for which your digestion will certainly be very grateful to you.

Have an Active Digestive System

Although you might see constipation just as an inconvenience, you should take it seriously. If you don’t execrate the human waste regularly, the poisons start to stagnate in the intestines and go into the bloodstream.

It will burden the work of the liver, kidneys and the immune system, that’s why a good digestion is the key for a good health. Problems with digestion come mainly due to the modern way of life and highly processed foods that don’t contain fibers, vitamins and minerals. Don’t forget on the movement, as we mainly sit. Drink a lot of pure drinks as water, teas and juices, exercise regularly and don’t forget to overcome stress situations as well.

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