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best tasting teas

We love teas, don’t we? Tea is second most drinkable beverage on the world and we love to prepare a cup of joy each time that we want to relax. Possibilities for choosing a type of tea and making tea are numerous. Do you have your best tasting teas?

Some people like bitterness, and some people like sweet taste of the tea. You can drink teas that bring you some health benefit and freshness and enjoyment in the same time. We will take a look of some most tasteful teas that people all over the world love to prepare in their homes.

Best Tasting Teas on the World

Which are the most tasting teas on the world? If you ask people, each person will answer differently. Most tasteful teas are those that people drink regularly due to a great taste and aroma.

Fruit Teas

fruit tea
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People love fruit teas, and is especially popular among children and those who don’t like an invigorating effect. This kind of tea is recommended for raising a good mood. It is suitable for drinking throughout the day. It is also an excellent cool drink that hydrates us in the summer. You can find various aromatic blends with different flavors that can be sour, tropical, sweet and creamy.

In fruit teas you can find different fruits like blueberry, apples, lemons, oranges, mango, strawberry, blackcurrant and many more. These teas are refreshing, drinkable through whole day (doesn’t contain caffeine) and have a lot of antioxidants and vitamins.

Herbal Teas

herbal tea
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Herbal teas are known as the world’s most healthy beverage. Therefore, it is good that you prepare a mixture of tea that fills you with energy and protects your health. Drinking tea can also be a ritual that calms our mind. Herbal tea blends are also used for baths, rinsing, feces and massages.

Herbal teas are prepared from dry or fresh herbs. Herbal teas are different from fruit teas in one thing. Herbal teas have active ingredients that have an effect on our body. Let’s take a peppermint herb for example.

Peppermint tea has invigorating effect, helps digestion system and works very well on the nervous system. It reduces stress and also relieves the headache. You can drink this tea without worries.

But we have herbs that can be used as a medicine and can’t be drink too much. Sage tea is a very useful tea for treating some health conditions but if you overdose it, you can get stomach cramps. Pregnant women shouldn’t drink it because it can cause an abortion.

Green Tea

green tea
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Chinese writings mention green tea 2600 years ago primarily as a medicinal beverage for blood circulation, body detoxification, vision improvement and clearing of the mind. Green tea is a delightful collection of many ingredients.

So far, more than 300 different substances have been listed in green tea. It has minerals with microelements, vitamins, essential oils, caffeine, theophylline, charcoal, phenolic acids and flavonoids. According to science, EGCG is a sort of catechin that brings our body the most benefits.

Which to choose, Japanese or Chinese green tea? Japanese green teas are sophisticated, full of taste and have intense yellow-green color. Quality depends from the price. The best green teas (gyokuro, sencha and tamaryokucha) are the most expensive.

Chinese green teas are a wealth of diversity for themselves. Usually they are stronger and more rough than Japanese, and are available indifferent quality. Quite reliable quality indicators are price and taste.

People like to drink pure green teas but also aromatic green teas. These green teas have the aroma of vanilla, orange, lemon, bergamot flower, jasmine, raspberry and others.

Matcha Powder Tea

matcha tea
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Matcha tea is a special sort of Japanese green tea and one of the best tasting teas. This tea releases and at the same time sharpens the senses and increases alertness. What’s its secret?

When drinking matcha you will be surprised by its taste, as it is very specific. It tastes like nuts and is slightly bitter. The darker the shade of green tea is, the stronger aroma it has. Matcha is highly appreciated because it increases concentration and preserves cleverness. It balances the energy and improves metabolism.

You can drink matcha purely natural, use it for cooking, add to your favorite smoothies and add as a special ingredient to desserts, from cookies to cakes. Matcha is the mysterious ingredient that will make your guest enthusiastic.

Which Tea is Your Favorable?

We have many types of teas that we can choose among. Best tasting teas are those which we drink regularly and are a part of our daily enjoyment and relaxation. Each type of tea has its benefits. Some teas are bitterer and are perfect for treating different kinds of health problems but also tasteful enough to drink.

With a very large tea assortment you have endless possibilities to choose your daily tea. You can choose among fruity teas, herbal, real, teas with nutty taste and others. Which is your favorable tea that you love to drink? Write it in the comment, if you want and explain why you enjoy in its special taste and aroma.

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