Best Skinny Teas – Choose Your Best Weight Loss Friend!

Skinny teas are teas that are meant for detox, weight loss and dieting. Which teas deserve to be named as the best skinny teas or slim teas? Teas that will help you on your weight loss journey contain herbs and spices which will help your body to become and stay fit.

It is no secret; these teas have beneficial effect on losing weight and on body processes to maintain a healthy weight. Skinny teas will affect on your metabolism, appetite and food cravings, breaking down fat cells, etc.

In the next table you will find top skinny teas for weight loss and detoxification.

Best Skinny Teas

YoungYou International Skinny Tea30 Count X 33.5/5
YoungYou International Diet Tea30 Count3.5/5
Fit Tea Weight Loss Tea14-day supply3.4/5
Iaso Instant Tea60 Count4.0/5
Cri Nuturals Slimming Tea28-day supply3.2/5

Every herb has some benefit for your weight loss. Some of them will boost your metabolism and some will help you on the other way. There are many factors regarding weight loss and one of them is sleep. We will mention sleep as a vital factor for weigh stability and weight loss, and also which tea will help you to sleep better.

Best Skinny Teas

Next are the best diet teas that you can try to start losing weight.

Green Tea Cleanse –  Diet Tea that Boosts Metabolism

premium green teaLosing weight with green tea is considered to be extremely effective. The reason for this is most likely to be hidden in the ingredients of tea itself. This skinny tea accelerates metabolism and in this way helps your body in faster and more efficient combustion of excess fat.

Brew a green tea first thing in the morning and drink it on empty stomach. This way you will lower your blood sugar levels and also ensure that they stay low throughout entire day. This is a very effective method for weight loss.

Green tea lowers levels of sugar in the bloodstream and also lowers the level of cholesterol. It helps to maintain and strengthens the immune system. This weight loss tea has many other beneficial effects – prevents several types of cancer, has a beneficial effect on our skin, etc.

However, you shouldn’t overdo with green tea consumption for weight loss result. It is advisable to drink 3 to 4 cups of this skinny detox tea.

It has a large amount of antioxidants called catechins and is known as one of the healthier beverages. The most powerful catechin in green tea is EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which directly affects the metabolism. In addition, green tea contains caffeine which stimulates fat burning so this is the best detox tea for weight loss for sure.

White Tea – Best Skinny Tea that Prevents Formation of Fat Cells

white teaWhite tea is the best skinny tea detox ever. It contains a maximum of healthy antioxidants which kills cancer cells, helps the body to strengthen the immune system, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

This type of tea also prevents the formation of dental plaque that causes tooth decay. Even if you are healthy and you want to just lose a few pounds, white tea is the right drink for you.

It prevents accumulating of fat cells in the body, accelerates the calorie burn and so it has a positive impact on mental wellbeing.

Do you know that white tea outstrips green tea when it comes to weight loss and diets? Yes and these are three main benefits:

Prevents cells to store fat

White tea is preventing the development of fat cells and so the excess fat can’t settle around your hips, thighs or buttocks. This is not all; it also helps in the burning of old fat cells!

Helps to burn calories

White tea contains caffeine which stimulates the metabolism. This means that your body will spend energy faster. Since this tea contains no calories, it is also known as a beverage with negative calorie balance and is perfect skinny detox tea.

Suppresses appetite

When you are on the diet; the hunger attacks and it is difficult to resist the temptation. With the help of white tea your hunger problem won’t be an issue any more.

Oolong Tea – Prevents to Gain Weight

oolong teaOolong teas are cousins of black and green teas, derived from the same plant. This weight loss tea has many beneficial effects on the human body.

It has great impact on weight reduction, accelerating digestion and helping you during the digestion of fat. If you drink oolong tea; you will burn 160 % more fat than if you drink green tea.

This is why oolong tea is the best detox tea for weight loss among others mentioned in this article. If you drink two cups of oolong tea daily; you will not only lose extra pounds but also prevent to gain weight due to the consumption of carbohydrates.

Oolong tea is packed with polyphenols which activate the enzymes that break down fat and carbohydrates that we put into the body.

Rooibos Tea – Regulates Stress Hormones

Rooibos TeaRooibos or red tea is a diet tea that comes from South Africa. Tea gatherers collect thin leaves of red bush, connecting them into bundles, chop them and left to ferment. Red tea acts as a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent many diseases, such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, arthritis and cancer.

This skinny tea has a great effect on the metabolism and the nervous system and helps regulate stress hormones that cause hunger and fat storage.

Nettle Tea – Skinny Tea Detox Purifier

Nettle teaNettle tea is a strong skinny tea detox agent. With nettle tea you can improve mood, strengthen the immune system, increase energy and reduce fatigue. It will improve and clean your blood and take care of the more bold and lively veins.

Nettle tea is a good slim tea detox that will enrich your intestinal flora and flush the toxins from the body. Thus you will maintain healthy glands, liver and gall bladder. You will also reduce the excess water that accumulated in the body.

It contains 7% of protein, which is extremely high percentage for a plant, don’t you agree? In addition, it has 10 times more iron than spinach, 6 times more vitamin C as a lemon, and 5 times more calcium than cow milk. It is a strong, magical purifying plant, so take the advantage and drink it.

Mint Tea – Stops Cravings for Sugary and Salty Snacks

mint teaMint tea has the reputation for calming us down. It is recommended to all those who have problems with stress. It is a good skinny tea that will surely help those who crave for food or unhealthy sugary and salty snacks.

Since mint has a calming effect, it also helps to sleep and sleep is essential for weight loss and being fit. Certain hormones secrete only during sleep. When we sleep physical processes that are essential for weight loss happen. Mint tea also helps to suppress appetite and is rich in magnesium that prevents cramps.

Hibiscus Tea – Diet Tea with Many Health Benefits

hibiscus teaHibiscus tea is diet tea full with antioxidants, minerals and lots of Vitamin C. It is a natural diuretic and one of best skinny teas.

It helps in relieving stress; reduce the amount of bad cholesterol and helps with high blood pressure. It is recommended that you drink hibiscus tea when you want to lose some extra pounds. It prevents the accumulation of fatty deposits.

Hibiscus tea improves digestion. It has a positive affect on the bladder and the bowels. This tea has an enzyme inhibitor that blocks the enzyme for transforming starch to sugar (amylase). Drink it regularly after meals and you will reduce the absorption of carbohydrates.

Choose Your Favorite Weight Loss Tea

Now you know which are best skinny teas that can be your friend for detox and losing weight. These weight loss teas are good for the purpose of detox and dieting. If you want to have the best results choose a sliming detox tea in the table in combination with teas from the article. You will also need to adjust your nutrition habits and activities.choose best skinny tea

Where there is a will, there is a way they say and it is the truth. If you decide to do something good for your body and put some effort to it; you will succeed. Skinny tea detox is appropriate for all who want to be heathier and fit.

There is no magic in these types of teas but can be a great helper on achieving your personal goal.  Small healthy changes can prove to you that your decision wasn’t meaningless.

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