Best Matcha Brands Give Us Joy And Happiness

best matcha brands

Matcha is the most popular hot drink nowadays. People talk about it with enthusiasm and share their matcha recipes. More and more companies decide to sell matcha but best matcha brands give us the best quality that matcha can have.

There are many factors which determine which matcha is of high quality. The production process is the most crucial factor and it is demanding. If some part of production process isn’t done the way it should, matcha loses quality and its features. I am giving you some tea brands that produce the quality matcha you are looking for.

Best Matcha Brands

I have done a little research and decide to present you 5 tea brands that produce best matcha for matcha lovers to drink. These tea companies are well known in the world and have many satisfied customers. Let’s see which are they and how they produce their matcha.

Kenko Tea

kenko matcha tea

Sam James is a chef, foodie, and a green tea lover from Australia who is a founder of Kenko tea. He tried matcha after trying different types of green tea and he loved it instantly. He couldn’t find a good matcha in his home country, so he opened Kenko Tea so that people would taste a real macha taste.

Their matcha is a real Japanese quality green tea. He is aware that matcha is delicate to store and loses quality quickly. After you place an order of their matcha, they start to ground green tea leaves to get matcha powder. This means you will get fresh matcha on your table. Kenko’s philosophy is simple, “Do one thing and do it well”.


MatchaDNA is one of the best matcha brands that deserve to be matchaDNA teaon our list of top 5 matcha brands. They get their green tea from northern Japan Mountains. Their green tea leaves are organically grown and hand-picked from Japanese farmers. Their facilities for tea production are run on high production standards and excellence. MatchaDNA swears on the quality, so every production step is well- monitored.

Their matcha products are USDA, EU and NOP certified. This is one reason more to believe you will get what they promise. Because matcha can contain lead, they test green tea leaves for lead concentrations and clear it from heavy metals. They focus on fair trade which means that farmers work under good working conditions and get fair wages. It is worth mentioning that this tea company uses only Chinese matcha because they want to give their customers organic and safe matcha experience.

Matcha Organics

Matcha Organics teaA father and a son are owners of Matcha Organics in the Texas, US. They offer 100% pure green tea powder that is 137 times stronger than traditional green tea. Their matcha is made from pure green tea leaves without any additives. Matcha Organics ensures you the finest quality and nutrient-rich green tea leaves grounded into matcha powder.

Matcha Organics was backed up as one of the most beneficial matcha products to exist by the nationally recognized health doctor, Dr. Asa. Want to try a mild and tasty matcha? Try their products, they promise you mild and unique matcha flavor. They offer culinary matcha from China and premium ceremonial matcha green tea from Japan. Their products are tested for lead and radiation poisoning.

Matcha Konomi

Matcha Konomi teaMichelle is a founder of Matcha Konomi who enjoyed matcha many years before starting her own small business. She started in her community by posting her unique matcha latte on the Instagram. People started to contact her and the interest about matcha started to grow.

Later on she opened Matcha Konomi and spread the love towards this amazing drink. Akira Matcha Powder has a bold and intense flavor for a robust umami that is impossible to describe. Green tea for this product comes from Uji, Japan. It is a province in Japan that is known for the superior quality tea for hundreds of years. It is perfect for drinking and making desserts.

Pure Matcha

pure matcha teaPure Matcha is a tea company that focuses on quality not quantity. They bring the finest powdered green tea on your table. They are proud to have the freshest and highest quality Ceremonial grade on the market. Their matcha is stored in cold chambers until it is shipped to the customer.

They produce four high-quality matcha products that differ in taste. You have the option to choose between premium ceremonial grade green tea, premium organic ceremonial grade green tea, black matcha powder and organic rooibos matcha powder or red matcha. These teas will give you the boost through entire day. They wanted to produce something even more amazing from pure matcha so they added the best quality rooibos and black tea in two of their products.

Pure Matcha Enjoyment in Your Cup

Matcha is a special tea that more and more people discover as a very tasteful and powerful tea. Many tea brands specialized in matcha production and try to bring you the matcha that will satisfy your taste. Nevertheless which matcha tea brand you choose, always get the best matcha.

Matcha teas differ and we have different taste. So it is important to choose a pure green tea powder that has bright green color, is fine powdered and comes from the Japan or Chinese tea provinces. You can read some reviews of these tea brands and their products, so your decision will be easier. Enjoy in the perfect matcha cup of best matcha brands.

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