Vania PintericMy name is Vania Pinteric and I am a tea lover who has a passion for drinking and exploring different kinds of teas. First, let me say that I didn’t like teas so much in the past but the day came when this changed.

I grew up in a village, surrounded by beautiful nature. I was a child who loved to be outside. I loved to pick flowers that grew on the meadow behind my house for my mother, she loves flowers. But I didn’t know that these flowers are good for our health.

The breaking point for my curiosity for teas began when I had painful menstrual cramps. I wanted to solve the problem in a natural way. I started to research about meadow flowers and found interesting information. Yarrow tea is my favorite tea for menstrual cramps that helps me in that time of the month.

Today my partner and I are big tea lovers who don’t miss a day without at least one cup of tea. We love green tea, matcha, and herbal teas that we pick in the neighborhood. My tea passion grew day by day, so I decided to inspire people to get to know the aromatic world of teas.

The site was created in spring 2017. I built a site with categories that I think are the most important for people to know about. Drinking tea can help you to stay healthy, prevent diseases and also cure some. So, one of the main categories are the healthiest teas. Here you can explore among all sort of healing herbal and medicinal teas.

In the past people didn’t have medicines from the drug store, so they used herbs for healing. Nowadays our first thought, when we are ill, is to go to the drug store and buy something that will make our recovery faster. Remember, these are drugs that are not natural, but teas are.

We are lucky to have such a rich tea history and companies today that provide quality teas for our pure enjoyment. Tea Pause informs you how tea was invented and how it was spread all over the world.

The site has lists of best teas regarding the tea type. As you already know, we have herbal, real, loose leaf and many other teas that you drink regularly each day. So in the category best teas, you can find the best quality teas regarding the tea type.

I also provide information on each type of tea that you can find on the site. Here you can learn what the best quality tea should have, what are health benefits of a specific tea, how it is made, and more.

I think that it is crucial for you to know all vital information about a specific tea, so you can take advantage of its features and drink it safely.

I constantly learn about teas and follow the latest trends in the tea world. My site also focuses on the tea companies all over the world and follow their tea production standards, methods and other areas of tea production techniques.

I invite you to take a look through my site and explore the world of flavors and aromas. Have a tea pause, drink your favorite tea and share your experience with me!